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Terms and Conditions

AHF Academy is committed to ensure satisfaction for all our customers. AHFA relies on its Terms and Condition Policy to help ensure satisfaction of service. AHFA reserves the right to change this agreement from time to time.


a. Refund

a.1. We operate a “no refunds” and no cancellation policy for courses/workshops/training placement scheduled on the day.


b. Change of Venue

b.1. We reserve the right to change the venue and notify the participants in case of any sudden changes


c. Unprofessional / Unacceptable Behaviour

c.1. Any behaviour that is deemed to be unacceptable is not allowed during the workshop time and you may be asked to leave the premises. AHFA may cancel your course, no refunds will be made under these circumstances.

c.2. AHFA reserves the right to refuse training to any Candidate thought to be disruptive or displays antisocial behavior towards the Trainer and other Candidates before or during the training session.


d. Liabilities to the Candidates/Participants:

d.1. We do not hold any responsibility for any other expenses incurred like travelling, accommodation, etc., Responsibility for any kind of injuries or damage or loss of goods will not be accepted.

d.2. Submission of this registration form, the participant agrees to the terms mentioned and waive any claims he or she might have at any time against the premise, program, organizer and its staff including faculty/ facilitator/ speaker either directly or indirectly from this program


e. Pictures and Videos during Training Sessions

e.1. AHF Academy is allowed to take pictures and videos during Workshop/Training Sessions for audit, Website and marketing including social media purposes only

e.2. We respect your privacy. If you have any objections in regard to your picture or video in social media you can contact us by Whatsapp or email us and request us to remove. We will go through your request and may remove your pictures from our social media sites.