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This workshop is designed for fresh Medical practitioners, Nurses and Medical laboratory technicians who wish to improve their Phlebotomy skills.


Participants will have a chance to refresh the knowledge of venepuncture, collecting and processing techniques along with insights into infection and safety control.  This workshop will provide a training platform for getting hands-on practice of withdrawing blood in Paediatric, Adults and Geriatric population.

This course is concluded with the Infection and safety control when working with special group of people.


Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the areas of Venepuncture
  • In-depth knowledge on the Safety and Infection control
  • Technique of collection methods of Phlebotomy
  • Skills of blood Collection process
  • Phlebotomy techniques on Paediatric and Geriatric population


Who Should Attend?

  • Fresh Medical practitioners
  • Medical housemen ship
  • Fresh Nurses
  • Medical lab technicians