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Customer Service in Medical Industry

This workshop is designed to improve the communication skills of medical faculty and the front line people who attends the patients on a regular basis. This interactive program will be a combination of lecture, activities and discussions.



Customers (patients) have lots of choice these days about when and where they buy their goods and services. Lots of organizations are competing for the same business. In order to get that business, and keep it, those organizations need to gain a ‘competitive edge’. The best way to get their competitive edge is to ensure that the standard of service, they give their customers (patients) is the best!

It is important to remember that an organization can produce an excellent product but if it doesn’t treat its customers well, it could lose them. If they lose them, they cannot sell their products or services. If we cannot sell our products or services, then who pays the wages?

Providing exceptional customer service is accomplished by positively interacting with patients through effective communication and relationship building. Learning how to treat your patients exceptionally well will bring about an unexpected result: your patients will become a marketing tool for your business.

People talk. Whether you provide great customer service or poor customer service, the people with whom you do business are going to tell others how they are treated. When people hear good things about your business, they are more likely to do business with you as well.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the nature of customer service.
  • Understand the qualities expected from a frontline personnel
  • Meet the needs, wants, demands and expectations of a patient
  • Deal with difficult patients efficiently without offending
  • Deal with complaints and problems effectively
  • Communicate with patients more effectively


Who Should Attend?

  • Front Desk officers
  • Health care Professionals (Nurses, Therapists, Medical Assistants etc.)
  • All clinical Staff
  • Human Resource Staff